The COLS Plan


COLS will collect blood and urine annually from one million participants. These samples will be made available to qualified researchers who will use the samples for analysis. The blood and urine will not be analyzed by COLS.

COLS is disease inclusive by design. Most participants will be well when they enroll in the project. By tracking people for ten years, multiple diseases, from the quite rare to the most common, will be represented in the cohort.

COLS is also “omics” exhaustive by design. The biological specimens will be collected, processed, and stored in such a way that multiple molecules, aka omics (DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, and metabolites) will be preserved.

COLS is upstream by design. We will comprehensively track participants’ social determinants of health and health status over time. We will use resources such as surveys developed by COLS, electronic health records (EHRs), health insurance claims data from CIVHC, death records data from CDPHE, environmental data NOAA, and public health data from CORHIO and CHORDS.

COLS is developing a tiered pricing strategy for samples and health data. Qualified researchers from academic institutions, government agencies, and industry will all have access to this repository. The pricing strategy will be based on the type of institution requesting the samples and their willingness to contribute data back into the COLS repository. Lastly, COLS intends to serve as an honest broker to confidentially connect interested participants with clinical trial opportunities.

The design of COLS will utilize the best resources and technologies available today and be agile enough to adopt the resources and technologies of the future.