The COLS Plan


The blood and urine collected through COLS will be a unique and precious resource for researchers. Procedures and protocols must be developed in order to ensure that multiple molecules are preserved. These samples will be used for decades to come. Therefore, storage is crucial.

DNA is the most stable molecule, which means that the protocols to preserve it are the least stringent. Thus, samples that are collected for DNA research are often inadequate to study other molecules. COLS will create collection, processing, and storage protocols that guarantee preservation of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, and metabolites. While our protocols will be rigorous, they will make the COLS samples more valuable than those in most other biobanks.

We are consulting with biobanking experts at BioStorage Technologies (BST) to determine the optimal sample collection strategy and protocol. In the planning phase, BST will help COLS determine the exact volume of blood and urine to extract, the appropriate tube types for collection, the protocols at phlebotomy sites, optimal processing, and long-term storage.