Our Vision

We have an audacious vision: we aspire to create the foundation upon which unprecedented advances in health and health care will be made.


Our Mission

To create the definitive biobank and accompanying data on the social determinants of health. This combination of biological samples and community health data will facilitate a paradigm shift in disease prevention, early detection, and optimized treatment and will enhance health equity.


Our Goal

The aim is to attack the broadest spectrum of health challenges by building the most robust set of health data in the world. COLS will be the largest, longitudinal repository of biological specimens and associated community and public health data. We will recruit one million participants in Colorado and track them for a 10-year period. Participants will provide comprehensive information about their health, allowing researchers to study the interaction between biology and lifestyle in powerful ways.

Meet our Team


Larry Gold, Ph.D.


Phyllis M. Wise, Ph.D.


Meredith E. Graham